Tile and Grout Cleaning

Make Your Bathroom Shine

Tile and grout cleaning will brighten up your kitchen or bathroom

Dirty tile and grout can make any room look dingy and unkempt. If you need the tile in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway cleaned, Capital Steamway Inc can handle the job. Our team is extremely thorough-we'll clean and sanitize the spaces that most cleaning services miss. Your floors, showers and tubs will shine once our team is done.

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Are your tiles dirty?

Your bathroom or kitchen tiles may start out looking white and bright, but overtime, dirt and mildew can build up, causing discoloration. Mopping only moves the dirt around-usually leaving it stuck in your grout.

To truly get rid of the grime, you need help from professional cleaners. We're the team for the job. Our company has been providing exceptional tile and grout cleaning services for over 60 years. If there's a dirty floor in sight, our team can clean it.

Don't ignore grimy tile. Speak with a professional cleaner from Capital Steamway today.

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