Carpet Cleaning

Refresh Your Carpet

Count on a professional carpet cleaner

Your carpet goes through a lot. After spilled drinks, dirty shoes and pet accidents, your carpet may begin to look and feel grimy. Capital Steamway Inc cleans carpets to make them look and feel like new again. We'll eliminate any and all odors and restore your carpet's original texture. Our custom pre-treatments will remove pet, drink and dirt stains. Plus, our enzymatic products are used to treat your carpet pad-making sure that all odors and germs are removed.

If you have a dog or cat who's prone to accidents, you can count on us to clean the stains they've left behind. Our products are so effective that they even remove urine crystals from carpets. You'll be left with a beautiful carpet, free of odors. Make an appointment for a carpet cleaning service with Capital Steamway today.

Protect yourself from carpet contaminants

Even if your carpet looks clean, it may still be contaminated by pollutants, bacteria, allergens and abrasive particles. Our team can fully decontaminate your carpet using high heat and industrial-strength vacuuming. Any contaminants that could potentially damage your carpet or decrease your health will be eliminated.

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